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PTO Committees

Reviewing Reports at Desk

To raise money for school athletic programs and volunteer as needed at athletic events, under the guidance of the Athletic Director.


To verify and provide checks and balances related to PTO financial recordkeeping.


Creates a pleasing environment for students, staff, families and our community. With a concentration on campus beautification, this committee proposes, sources and implements plans while maintaining current projects.

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To coordinate communications between the PTO, school and parents via virtual and printed flyers, quarterly newsletters, social media, and the PTO website. They also focus on working with fellow committees to plan event ticket sales and advertisements.

Aims to support our school with fundraisers and community engagement. Special events planned by this committee includes RA Spirit Nights, the Raise the Rhino Campaign and the Rhino Reception!


This team is made up of willing and able Dads to help with PTO needs including but not limited to: set up and tear down of events, small handyman projects related to PTO improvements or events, and possibly minor maintenance needed on the school building or grounds.

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Planning and coordinating social activities specifically for Elementary School (k-5) students.

To raise school spirit and unity through the sale of RA logo shirts and other merchandise. This committee assists with ideas and designs, as well as the intake and distribution processes.

Hosting events and activities that create a supportive and appreciative environment for the staff including teacher/staff appreciation week, staff meals, snack cart, holiday gifts, and life event courtesies.

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Planning and coordinating social activities specifically for Middle School (6-8) students.

Create and support after school clubs that will benefit our RA students.

This committee seeks to enhance a student’s school experience by providing opportunities to learn/practice a sport, art or hobby after school.

School Supplies

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